Microsoft Maquette VR content creation tool now available for Oculus Rift and Rift S


17, 2020

Microsoft Maquette

Back in 2018, we first reported about Microsoft Maquette, a tool for creating immersive prototypes using a PC VR headset. This tool makes it easier to do spatial prototyping in 3D, rather than having to create in 2 dimensions. You can now download Microsoft Maquette from Oculus Store and it works with Rift and Rift S VR headsets.

Maquette features:

  • Maquette was built from the ground up to empower anyone to create fully immersive concept sketches in VR from inside your headset.
  • Maquette includes a set of tools for importing, creating, composing, and storyboarding content in 3D space, complete with a library of primitives and UI icons.
  • Maquette has fast and approachable UX, a text tool for annotations and spatial UI mockups, and easy selection and nested-grouping of content.
  • Maquette has a complimentary Unity addon for importing Maquette content into Unity, which preserves materials and grouping hierarchy.
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You can find Microsoft Maquette here at Oculus Store.

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