Microsoft announces five new LTE capable Windows 10 devices starting at just $185

Microsoft Windows 10 LTE

At BettFest 2021, Microsoft today announced five new LTE capable partner Windows 10 devices starting at $185. Microsoft highlighted that these are the most affordable LTE connected Windows devices in the portfolio yet. Find the new devices below.

  • The Acer TravelMate B3 notebook is great in the classroom and at home. Starting at $239?and running up to Intel’s Pentium processor, this device has the processing power and rugged structure to perform under pressure. With its all-day battery life, spill proof keyboard with anchored keys, fast and stable Wi-Fi 6 and optional LTE, students will be able to collaborate better than ever from wherever they are learning.
  • Acer TravelMate Spin B3 is a rugged design convertible laptop, running up to Intel’s Pentium processor with all the education features a student needs to learn, including a second camera, spill proof keyboardwith anchored keys, all day battery life, full functional USB type-C port, also featuring fast and stable Wi-Fi 6 connection plus having optional garaged pen and integrated LTE connectivity. Furthermore, the optional antimicrobial coating on the Corning Gorilla Glass display, keyboard, touchpad and palm rest area keeps the Spin B3 cleaner longer.
  • Coming in at $229 on Qualcomm’s 7c silicon, the JP-IK Leap Connect T304 provides all-day battery life and is purpose-built for education. Providing eSIM/LTE connectivity, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory, the Leap Connect T304 will run Teams, Office, and Microsoft Edge from any location.
  • Starting at $185 the JP-IK Leap T304 provides an LTE upgrade option, on an Intel Celeron processer and 4GB of RAM, giving budget constrained districts an option to get students a highly productive, connected device to learn remotely. This notebook provides all-day battery life and is purpose-built for education with Windows Hello fingerprint log on, fast resume, in a light yet rugged design.
  • The Asus ExpertBook BR1100, starting at $279, is a ruggedized, LTE capable notebook with Fast Resume and all-day battery life, making the ExpertBook BR1100 the perfect device for remote learning. The anti-bacteria C cover provides an extra layer of protection against devices that need to be shared.

“One of the key lessons of the past year has been that learning can happen anywhere. Affordable, easy-to-use devices are critical to empowering all students on their learning journey,” wrote Barbara Holzapfel, VP, Education at Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft