Microsoft LOOP SDK makes it easy for developers to add location insights to apps


Microsoft Location and Observation Platform (LOOP) is a new Microsoft Garage project targeting app developers. It allows developers to use their SDK for location analytics. The iOS and Android SDK’s sync location signals with their servers so developers can view their aggregate location stats in the LOOP developer dashboard.

  • Location analytics: View aggregate stats on where your users are in the real world.
  • Realtime view: Get a realtime feed of how many users are sending signals and receiving location insights.
  • Export data: Export location histories to your Azure Blob or Amazon S3 account (coming soon) for your own analysis.

LOOP turns raw signals (GPS and network latitude and longitude points) into location insights that helps you create interest apps for your users. LOOP currently offers three insights: known locations (home and work), drives, and trips.

LOOP is not going to be entirely free. The development tier will be capped in the number of signals you can send. The enterprise tier is unlimited in the number of users, signals, and insights. In the current beta phase, you can use it for free without any limits.

Sign-up for early access here.

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