Microsoft now rolling out Live Presentations in PowerPoint to all Microsoft 365 subscribers

June 12, 2020
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Early this year, Microsoft announced the new Live Presentations feature in PowerPoint. This feature allows anyone to present their PowerPoint presentation to anyone who has internet and also allows audience to zoom in on important details, screenshot slides, and interact real-time. Microsoft is now rolling out this feature to all Microsoft 365 subscribers. Audience members don’t need a subscription to view the Live Presentations.

After joining a Live Presentation, audience can see spoken words transcribed on the screen in near real-time. They can also translate this content to different language based on their preference. When you end the presentation, audience members can rate your presentation by filling out a short survey.

Live Presentations is supported on Microsoft Edge version 80+, Google Chrome version 72+, Mozilla Firefox version 68+, or Opera version 60+ on Windows or Mac.

You can check out the demo of this feature in the video below.

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You can learn more about this feature here.

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