Microsoft will be releasing an all-new learning app in Microsoft Teams

June 30, 2020
Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft today announced that they are working on a new learning app in Microsoft Teams. This app will help organizations better train and retrain their employees. Like how organizations have CRM for customer management and ERP for resource planning, Microsoft feels that there should be a system of learning. In addition to meetings, chat, calling, collaboration, and business processes, employees will be able to use Teams for learning.

The upcoming Teams learning app will allow organizations to integrate content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, their own content, and other content providers all in one place, ranging from instructor-led training to shorter, micro-learning content. Managers can assign and track learning progress of employees. Also, employees can have conversations around the content while also earning certifications and recognition for their new skills.

Whether a new employee is onboarding, a manager is looking to sharpen a team’s skills, or a first-line worker is in the field needing immediate training, this new app will create a seamless experience for employees to learn in the flow of work.

This  new Learning app will be released in Microsoft Teams later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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