Microsoft diminishes usability of Windows 10 Mobile Photos app with new update

February 10, 2018

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Microsoft updated the Windows 10 Photos app for Windows Mobile, and if they were hoping to stop users from ever opening it again, I’m happy to say they delivered the right product.

First, let’s start with the improvements. Microsoft has ported the desktop app to Windows 10 Mobile. This means users now have access to a wider range of customisation features than were previously presented in the Windows 10 Mobile app. You now have access to filters, so you can overlay your photos with basic filters without needing to jumpĀ over to another app.

On the negative side, Microsoft has ported the desktop app to Windows 10 Mobile. This means that there are few mobile optimisations present in this app, it’s slow to load on lower powered Windows 10 phones, and the interface is generally not built for a mobile device. You can use it, but compared to previous iterations of the app, it’s a couple of steps down.

While this update is a fast ring app update, and as such meant for insiders who want to try new things, it’s perplexing what feedback the firm expects other than “nigh unusable”. Microsoft has pushed out higher quality app updates in the fast ring for years, leading us to believe, somewhat optimistically, this might be an accidental update.

The new features are welcome on mobile, but they would be even moreso if they were packaged in an app designed for mobile.

You can try out the new Photos app update from the store link below, but you probably wouldn’t want to.

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