Microsoft kills Mail and Calendar app on Windows Mobile phones: Update – fix coming


10, 2018

Microsoft would dearly like the last remaining Windows 10 Mobile users to disappear, and they are doing everything they can to encourage them to move to a different mobile platform.

This morning we heard how they messed up the layout of the Microsoft Store app, and now we are reporting on another, even more important, built-in app being disabled by a software update.

The Register reports on an angry thread on Microsoft’s support forums filled with Windows Mobile users complaining that the Mail and Calendar app no longer opens after an automatic update to version 16006.11001.20083.0.

Apparently, on launch, the app immediately crashes to the Start screen.  It appears a wide variety of devices are affected and hard resetting is not a solution.

Most Windows 10 Mobile handsets went out of support in October 2018, which may explain why Microsoft is clearly no longer testing their software on these handsets. At present, there are no reports of acknowledgement or a fix.

Update: Microsoft has now acknowledged the issue (via WindowsLatest) and is rolling out a fix via a software update:

The update will take the app to version 16006.11001.20100 and is being rolled out in stages.

Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

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