Microsoft is killing the tool that let almost anyone build a Windows 10 app

Microsoft announced on Friday that the software giant is killing the Windows App Studio. The tool, for those unfamiliar, allowed almost anyone to build a Windows 10 app within minutes. The tool lets users use different data sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and all the other APIs created by the community. Windows App Studio was a fairly easy way of creating a Universal Windows Platform app that you could publish on the Windows Store or just build it for your personal usage.

Unfortunately, though, Redmond is closing down the tool starting next month. From July 15, new users will be unable to use Windows App Studio and the application editor will stop working on the 15th of September. And on December 1, the tool will completely stop working for both new and existing users. Microsoft is recommending existing users to download their projects and data before December 1 as the data will be inaccessible once the service is shut down.

Microsoft is interestingly killing the Windows App Studio in favor of the new Windows Template Studio which lets new developers easily make a new Universal Windows Platform app. Windows Template Studio is more of an advanced tool that will require you to have at least some sort of coding experience, and that wasn’t the case for Windows App Studio which worked pretty much like a WYSIWYG editor.