Microsoft invests in Kano, a company that makes buildable laptops for school kids

July 14, 2020
Microsoft Kano
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Kano today announced its next-generation Windows 10 PC. The new Kano PC is transparent, so kids can see how it operates. The status lights reveal the data flow within and kids can disconnect and replace key parts with new ones when needed. Kano PC costs $299 and it comes with a 11.6-inch touchscreen, Intel Celeron processor and 4GB memory/64GB storage. Kano today also released a camera, headphones and mouse for the PC that can be built and easily repaired with new parts.

Microsoft Kano

“Our goal is to create affordable, powerful computers that demystify technology. This is great news for schools that need to upgrade and repair their laptops, for economies in recovery, and for those at home, in need of new and well-designed tools,” Alex Klein, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Kano.

Microsoft is also investing $1 million in Kano. “We’ve gotten Microsoft behind it in a big way,” said Kano founder Alex Klein. “Satya Nadella got the product in July [and] fell in love with it. And we ended up sealing the deal, and Microsoft invested in Kano.”

You can order the new Kano PC here online.

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