Microsoft partners with Japanese fashion store to showcase Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 in style


20, 2016


If you have noticed the past few products and services from Microsoft, you know the Redmond, Washington-based company isn’t only focused on producing top performing products, but things that would excite fashionista as well. In line with such efforts, Microsoft Japan has secured a spot in Isetan Men’s in Shinjuku, Tokyo to showcase its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 computing devices.

In addition to that, Microsoft’s corner in the department store, one of the largest edgy fashion chain for men, women & kids, known for its high-end denim collections, also has a digital “hologram” mirror, which allows a person to appreciate their look in 360-degree. According to a media report, show attendants utilise a Surface device to scan the attendees, and a revolving platform takes your images in 360-degree. You can check out some images below.

It is rather important for Microsoft to continue to experiment and try to please the audience in Japan, one of the largest technology markets. The reason is that Japan is also the home of a number of big technology giants such as Sony and Vaio, and people often tend to purchase products made by their local hero. The poor sale of Xbox One in the country – apparently Microsoft only sold 99 Xbox One units in Japan last month – is a testament that Microsoft’s products aren’t faring well with Japanese.



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