Microsoft is working on its own version of Chrome Tab Groups called Edge Workspaces



One of our favourite Chrome features is Tab Groups, which allows users to organize their browsing and reduces clutter in your tab strip.

Microsoft is finally working on its own version of Tab Groups, and it is called Workspaces.

Similar to tab groups, users will be able to create a workspace and add tabs to it.

Groups will then be accessible via the W icon in the tab strip.

Unlike Tab Groups however it seems each Workspace is being treated more like a virtual desktop than simply a way to group tabs, which will likely make the feature unpopular due to requiring a higher cognitive load.

What is nice about Microsoft’s implementation is that Workspaces are automatically persisted between sessions unless you explicitly close them.

The feature is currently in Edge Canary but only to some as part of a controlled roll-out.

What do our readers think of Workspaces? Let us know below.

Source: Leo Varela

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