Microsoft is working on a subtle reminder for Windows 10 users to upgrade to a supported version

Microsoft used to be rather forceful about pushing Windows users to update to the latest versions of its operating system, which of course caused quite a bit of pushback from some segments of the Windows community.

Over the last year, Microsoft has become much less insistent, given users more control over if and when their operating system is updated.

Now in the latest build of Windows 10, Microsoft is testing a rather subtle prompt to inform users that their version of the OS is no longer supported.

The small banner on the Windows Update page reads:

Your version of Windows 10 has reached the end of support. By updating to a newer version of Windows 10, your device will continue to receive important quality updates.

Even the language is mild, not making any reference for example to scary security exploits and other issues.

Of course, Microsoft is only testing the banner, and the company may find they need to be a bit more assertive to get users to press the update button.

What do our readers think of this change? Let us know below.

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