Microsoft is winding down development of Windows 10’s built in apps

April 11, 2018

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Microsoft is reportedly¬†winding down development on its built-in Windows 10 apps like MSN Weather, News, Calculator, among others according to a report from Thurrott’s Brad Sams.

The firm is now offering employees who work on these apps the chance to join the Edge team and work on that instead.

Microsoft has been working on improving Edge heavily, and Windows 10’s Spring Update features a number of updates to the browser.

While the firm’s built-in apps were indeed useful, many features like News, Weather etc are already duplicated by the homepage of Edge, and others like Mail and Calendar already have excellent web ap replacements in Microsoft’s Office Web app suite.

We’ll see the full effects of this change play out over the next year, but its clear that Microsoft is already moving to the web as its next platform of choice.

Via Thurrott

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