Microsoft is planning to release a series of optimised apps over the life of the Surface Duo

by Surur
July 25, 2020

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For mature smartphone companies, the software bundle that is delivered at the introduction of a  handset is usually part and parcel of the sales pitch of the device and does not generally change much over the support lifetime of the handset.

Examples include Samsung’s 3D Scanner software which shipped with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for example or the pen-optimised video editor on the same handset.

Microsoft is anything but a mature smartphone company, and according to a new job post, the software Microsoft will ship with the handset will just be the start of the final app bundle they aim to deliver.

According to the job post for a Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft plans to create and build innovative Android applications showcasing the Surface Duo’s dual-screen experience and have a software release roadmap and plan for the handset.

This means the Surface Duo experience is expected to get better with time, but of course, also means the initial offering will be less attractive than it could have been if it was a mature platform with a pre-existing application base.

Fortunately, we have just heard that Microsoft will be supporting Google’s own dual-screen developer API, which should mean Surface Duo owners will not be solely dependent on Microsoft for delivering apps which take full advantage of the form factor.

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