Microsoft is exchanging Surface Headphones with broken band, but no admission of fault yet

by Surur
February 27, 2021
broken surface headphones

Multiple Surface Headphone users are having an issue with their headphone breaking over the headband with what some are calling a design fault.

The users report that this happened without any excessive force, and DrWindows, who has been following the issue, reports that there appears to be a design weak point in the area, where the reinforcing band is interrupted.

Users who tried to return the broken headphones were told that their warranty did not cover mechanical breakage, but today DrWindows reports that the media attention appears to have convinced Microsoft to now accept and replace the broken headphones. Microsoft has not yet accepted that this is a systemic design error, however.

The issue with the headphones has shades of the issues Microsoft is having currently with the cracking Surface Duo charging port, which definitely has a design fault, and similar issues with the now-cancelled Microsoft Band. It may be wise for Microsoft to examine its product design studio for its own systemic faults.

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