Microsoft is booting Windows 11 Insiders with non-compliant PCs back to Windows 10

by Surur
September 1, 2021

Microsoft has made its mind up that they will not support Windows 11 on PCs which does not meet their hardware requirements, and are rapidly closing off avenues to get the OS on such non-compliant hardware.

If you thought you could get Windows 11 on your 2017 PC by joining the Windows Insider program then you will soon discover you are mistaken.

The company has started notifying Windows Insiders on Windows 11 that they should downgrade to Windows 10.

The note reads:

Your PC does not meet  the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. Your device is not eligible to join the Windows Insider Program on Windows 11. Please install Windows 10 to participate in the Windows Insider Program in the Release Preview Channel.

At present, it is not clear what happens when you ignore the advice, but it seems most likely you will receive no more Insider updates, a similar threat to not offering updates for those who install Windows 11 via ISO on unsupported hardware.

What do our readers think of Microsoft’s latest move? Let us know below.

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