Microsoft Invites Press For An Event On May 20th, Expect Surface ‘Mini’

Microsoft today sent out invites to the press for a Surface related event for May 20th. Microsoft has hinted that possibility of showing Surface mini by mentioning ‘small’ word in the invite. The event will kick-off at 11am EDT / 8AM PDT on May 20th.

We have heard many rumors about the upcoming Surface Mini tablet from Microsoft. One of the main thing was, it will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as opposed to Nvdia Tegra processor in Surface 2. Also, the device was rumored to have a 8-inch device. Another report claimed that the device will be marketed a “consumption-class” device that is also ideal for note taking. As with the current Surface 2, the Surface Mini is expected to ship with Office. The Surface Mini will also support an an active digitizer and theoretically could support a Wacom digitizer with the correct drivers. It may be a pen/stylus similar to that found on the Surface Pro devices.

Given Phil Spencer’s recent comments, the tablet is not expected to be marketed as a gaming device:

“… don’t think we’ll do a dedicated handheld gaming device, rather just focus on WP, tablets, maybe with controller support someday.

It is expected that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will host the event as he did for the unveil of native office apps on the iPad. Panos Panay should also be at the event and there is speculation that Stephen Elop may also be at the event since he is Executive Vice President of Devices and Studios.