Microsoft invests in Airobotics to bring automated drones to cities

Airobotics is a startup building fully automated industrial drones. Their pilotless drone solution is first of its kind in the global market. Their drone solution can be used for collecting data and gaining aerial insights. Since their solution involves no human interaction, it reduces risks and costs associated with drone operations while improving efficiency. Today, Airobotics announced the completion of a $32.5 million funding round led by Microsoft Ventures and others.

“We continue to execute our vision: taking the human pilot out of the loop and increasing the value drones can create,” says Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder at Airobotics. “This fundraising enables us to continue to expand, within industrial facilities, and with our newly launched Defense division. Our next stop – automated drones in cities.”

“Drones have enormous potential to impact how we live and work – making cities safer, improving response times during emergencies, and creating more efficient industrial facilities,” said Mony Hassid, General Manager and Managing Director, Microsoft Ventures EMEA. “Fully automated drones will be a big step forward for the industry, so we’re excited to support Airobotics’ ambition in this space.”

It is important to note that Airobotics is the first company in the world to be granted authorization to fly fully automated drones without a pilot.