Microsoft invests in Databricks, one of the winners in the big data platform race

February 5, 2019

Databricks, a popular unified analytics platform, today announced that it has secured $250 million in a Series E funding round. Microsoft was one of the investors in this round. This round raises the Databricks’ valuation to $2.75 billion. The company mentioned that its revenue exceeded $100 million during 2018, thanks to the availability of Azure Databricks, a first-party integrated Microsoft Azure service. Microsoft partnered with Databricks to build Azure Databricks to simplify the process of big data and AI solutions. This solution makes it easier for users to focus on their data by providing a fully managed, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure that reduces operational complexity and total cost of ownership.

“Databricks has shown tremendous leadership in big data, data science and is uniquely positioned with Microsoft to meet the customer needs across big data, data warehousing and machine learning,” said Rohan Kumar, corporate vice president, Azure Data at Microsoft. “This investment builds on our successful multi-year partnership around Azure Databricks, a first-party Azure service that in conjunction with other Azure Data services like Azure Data Warehouse is greatly simplifying big data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for many Microsoft customers.”

Source: Databricks

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