Microsoft Investing Rs.1,400 Crore For Data Centers In India


In a filing with the Registrar of Companies, Microsoft has revealed that work on setting up the cloud data centres in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai has been started. Microsoft is planning to invest around Rs 1,400 crore on Cloud infrastructure. This new data centers will server Indian customers in the banking and telecom industries, which have had data sovereignty concerns.

“The biggest cloud data centres we have globally are capable of handling 600,000 servers in just one region. That’s a massive amount of compute. Increasing this scale helps us in being more competitive,” Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Azure Jason Zanders told ET.

According to Gartner, the public cloud services market in India is expected to grow from $423 million Rs 2,550 crore) in 2013 to $1.3 billion in 2017. Microsoft is aiming at this huge opportunity ahead.

Source: ET