Microsoft Introduces ‘Napa’, A Cloud App Model For Office And SharePoint

Along with the preview of the upcoming version of Office 2013, Microsoft yesterday announced a new Cloud App model for Office and SharePoint called ‘Napa’. The apps created using this model can be used and designed in multiple shapes: inserted inline directly into a spreadsheet, or just as a task pane; or automatically activated within an e-mail. In SharePoint, apps can be a full page, part of a web page, or just a menu extension. Here are the characteristics of the new app model,

  • Web Standards: The new cloud app model allows developers to build apps for Office and SharePoint using web standards that are interoperable by design.
  • Security: Solutions built on the new app model are isolated and secure by design, bringing the power of web technologies in Office and SharePoint in a secure execution sandbox.
  • Performance: This new class of apps will make it easy for developers to extend and personalize end-users’ Office and SharePoint experience without impacting performance.
  • Write Once, Run Anywhere: Initially focused on Office Client Applications and Web Applications, we designed and will evolve the new app model to extend our users’ experience wherever Office runs, and across more and more Office Applications.
  • Flexibility and Choice: Developers can choose to use the new app model and will be able to submit apps into the Office Store. They can also continue to use the existing Office extensibility models (VBA/Add-ins/full-trust SharePoint solutions), however these solutions cannot be submitted to the Office Store, as only this new class of apps can provide a seamless installation and update experience.

Developers can read about it in detail here and here.