Microsoft internal memo confirms Metro name being dropped after “discussions with an important European partner”

Metro is now ‘Windows 8 style UI’

It seems at least the threat of litigation is indeed behind Microsoft suddenly dropping the Metro name and encouraging 3rd party developers to do the same.

The Verge has seen an internal Microsoft memo which reveals that after “discussions with an important European partner” Microsoft decided to “discontinue the use” of the Metro branding for Windows 8 and other Microsoft products — a decision that employees had to adhere to immediately.

According to the memory the Windows team was working on replacement name which would be available by the end of this week, but employees were advised to use the term “Windows 8 style UI” instead. That really rolls of the tongue, does it not?

Fingers are being pointed to giant German electronics retailer Metro AG, and with German courts being very trigger happy about blanket European bans on even weak grounds we are sure Microsoft are pretty eager not to jeopardise a smooth launch for Windows 8 in around 60 days.

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