Microsoft Integrates DVLUP Into MSDN


DVLUP is now part of MSDN. DVLUP helps developers hone your skills, deepen your understanding about Microsoft products, increase your revenue and grow your audience

The new features in this updated DVLUP program include:

  • An updated look and feel that aligns with Microsoft and MSDN sites.
  • Single sign-on integration with MSDN, so you can move freely between DVLUP and other MSDN properties.
  • Existing and new users are required to have a Microsoft Account to participate in DVLUP. We will also use this to migrate existing DVLUP login account users to Microsoft Accounts to make life simpler.
  • We’ve overhauled the Leaderboard page to better display information for you, and allow for a more fluid experience.
  • Points and XP history have been introduced. You can now see a log of all your Points and XP, to understand what you earned and when.
  • Updates to the Profile page allow you to see and manage all your Challenges, Badges, Points and XP.
  • And more!

Go have a look at