Microsoft Immersive Reader expands read aloud support to 16 new languages

December 8, 2021
Microsoft immersive reader new fonts

Microsoft immersive reader new fonts

The Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool to improve reading and writing for people regardless of their age or ability. Microsoft today announced that Immersive Reader is adding read-aloud support for 16 new languages. You can find the list of new languages at the end of this article. These new languages will be using Neural Text-to-speech technology for high quality.

The new read-aloud languages for Immersive Reader will be available in several Microsoft apps as well as Azure Cognitive Services who are using the Immersive Reader in their apps.

Language Language Region Locale Region Gender Voice Display Name
Afrikaans Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA South Africa Female Adri
Afrikaans Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA South Africa Male Willem
Amharic Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET Ethiopia Male Ameha
Amharic Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET Ethiopia Female Mekdes
Bangla Bangla (Bangladesh) bn-BD Bangladesh Female Nabanita
Bangla Bangla (Bangladesh) bn-BD Bangladesh Male Pradeep
Burmese Burmese (Myanmar) my-MM Myanmar Female Nilar
Burmese Burmese (Myanmar) my-MM Myanmar Male Thiha
English English (Kenya) en-KE Kenya Female Asilia
English English (Kenya) en-KE Kenya Male Chilemba
English English (Nigeria) en-NG Nigeria Male Abeo
English English (Nigeria) en-NG Nigeria Female Ezinne
English English (Tanzania) en-TZ Tanzania Male Elimu
English English (Tanzania) en-TZ Tanzania Female Imani
Filipino Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH Philippines Male Angelo
Filipino Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH Philippines Female Blessica
Galician Galician (Spain) gl-ES Spain Male Roi
Galician Galician (Spain) gl-ES Spain Female Sabela
Javanese Javanese (Indonesia) jv-ID Indonesia Male Dimas
Javanese Javanese (Indonesia) jv-ID Indonesia Female Siti
Khmer Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH Cambodia Male Piseth
Khmer Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH Cambodia Female Sreymom
Persian Persian (Iran) fa-IR Iran Female Dilara
Persian Persian (Iran) fa-IR Iran Male Farid
Somali Somali (Somalia) so-SO Somalia Male Muuse
Somali Somali (Somalia) so-SO Somalia Female Ubax
Sundanese Sundanese (Indonesia) su-ID Indonesia Male Jajang
Sundanese Sundanese (Indonesia) su-ID Indonesia Female Tuti
Urdu Urdu (India) ur-IN India Female Gul
Urdu Urdu (India) ur-IN India Male Salman
Uzbek Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ Uzbekistan Female Madina
Uzbek Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ Uzbekistan Male Sardor
Zulu Zulu (South Africa) zu-ZA South Africa Female Thando
Zulu Zulu (South Africa) zu-ZA South Africa Male Themba

Source: Microsoft

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