Microsoft details the new Hot Reload feature coming in Visual Studio 2022

July 30, 2021
Microsoft visual studio 2022 preview

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Microsoft visual studio 2022 preview

Microsoft recently released Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 with a brand-new Hot Reload experience that works for both managed .NET and native C++ apps. Microsoft yesterday published a long blog post explaining the new Hot Reload experience.

Hot Reload enables developers to be more productive by reducing the time they spend building/restarting their app. Also, the new Hot Reload experience for code files will work side-by-side with XAML Hot Reload. To make the overall experience even better, Hot Reload even works alongside existing debugger capabilities such as breakpoints, ‘edit and continue’ (EnC) for modify running code at a breakpoint and other features.

Right now, Hot Reload works with apps based on XAML such as WPF and WinUI 3, Windows Forms, ASP.NET web apps, Blazor Server, Console apps and more. Microsoft also has plans to add support for Blazor Wasm and .NET MAUI iOS/Android apps in the future.

In this release we’re excited to announce major improvements to our Hot Reload experience, highlights include things such as our initial support for editing Razor pages in your ASP.NET web applications, support for Hot Reloading C++ apps during the debugger experience, the ability to use .NET Hot Reload without the debugger when launching the app with CTRL-F5 and support for more types of edits.

You can learn more about the Hot Reload experience in the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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