Microsoft hopes for 20% consumer, 40% enterprise market share in UK by 2015

MobileNewsCWP reports that Microsoft has got some pretty ambitious goals for Windows Phone in UK.

Speaking to Leila Martine, the Windows Phone UK director revealed Microsoft is looking to overtake Apple in the enterprise market and to double their market share in the consumer market by 2015.

“Our ambition is to be number one in the business market and my ambition is to achieve that within the next year,” she said.

She revealed Microsoft’s Nokia brand already held 18% market share in the enterprise market in UK, ahead of Samsung’s 17% and behind Apple’s 35%, according to Canalys numbers.

She noted iPhones were expensive and Android phones insecure, which was driving Windows Phone’s growth.

“When you think of Apple, how many CEOs and CIOs really want to pay for their employees to use an expensive premium device when they can choose from a full range of devices?

“With Android, Apple and BlackBerry, there are continued concerns about the fragmentation of the ecosystem, the segmentation of the experience and also the level of malware.”

“We want to be taking share from across the board,” she said, saying within next 12 months,Windows Phone will become the most used mobile OS in B2B market.

Microsoft also planned to to push aggressively into the consumer market, saying Windows Phone saw its UK share increase tenfold in 2013 thanks almost exclusively to Nokia’s Lumia range, particularly the low-end Lumia 520. Microsoft planned to double this once again in 2014 to 20% market share.

She said Microsoft would continue to advertise heavily to build up the brand in the UK to ensure its momentum continues.

“The industry is hyper-competitive, the growth is slowing down and that is putting a lot of pressure on manufacturers.

“The fact that we were the fastest growing OS last year gives us a really good platform to build on our momentum.”

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Via MobileNewsCWP