Microsoft highlights several new features added to Skype recently

In the past few months, Microsoft added several new features to Skype apps across platforms. These new features improve the overall chat experience on Skype. Microsoft today highlighted the new features that were added recently including the ability to bookmark messages, support for draft messages, support for multiple windows on desktop and more. Find the full list below.

  • Message drafts: Now you’ll never forget about messages that didn’t get sent. Any message that you typed, but didn’t send, is saved in the corresponding conversation and marked with the [draft] tag—so you can easily recognize, finish, and send it later. Messages saved as drafts are even available when you leave and come back to your Skype app.
  • Message bookmarks: You can now bookmark any message in Skype—whether it’s work related or family photos—and come back to it with one click or tap anytime! Just right click or long press the message and click or tap Add bookmark. The message is added to the Bookmarks screen and is saved with your other bookmarked messages.
  • Preview media and files before sending: You can now preview photos, videos, and files that you’ve selected to share before sending. Once you select media and files to share, they’re displayed in the message panel, so you can ensure they’re the ones you want to share with your contact. You can also remove ones added by mistake or add new ones right from the panel. In addition, should you want to write an explanation or description for what you’re sending, you can add a message that will be sent along with the files.
  • New approach for displaying multiple photos or videos sent at once: If you want to share a bunch of photos with your friends or family after great vacation or nice event—just do it and Skype will make sure they’re nicely presented in a conversation. You’ll see a nice album in the chat history with all the photos combined. And you can see each one by navigating and clicking between the photos or videos in an album.
  • Never mix up conversations in Skype again with split window: A few months back, we announced the launch of split window for Windows 10, which lets you put your contact list in one window, and each conversation you open in separate windows. We’re pleased to say that this feature is now available for all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux on the latest version of Skype.

Source: Skype