Microsoft helps deliver WiFi to schools and churches in Malta


Microsoft may be a big consumer and enterprise tech company, but they also offer services to communities as well.

The Times of Malta today reports that Microsoft’s Skype Communications team travelled to Malta to help upgrade internal classroom infrastructure in 36 churches and independent schools.

The firm is helping the Maltese Education ministry to equip these locations with WiFi so as to “equip the students”with skills that make them employable. While Microsoft will be handling the program for the first 3 years of its life and taking care of maintenance, the firm will be handing out over the education minister once the three years are up for continued management and support.

While the internet has long since been ann equalizing factor in the modern age, more than half of the population of the planet has yet to come online and benefit from the internet revolution.According to a report by Facebook, some of the main reasons are availability, affordability, relevance, and readiness. While the internet is freely available and accessible in most western countries, due to the infrastructure not being ready in developing nations, internet access is often limited to big cities and even then is more expensive than the equivalent services. There is also the language barrier issue, with most of the internet being written in English while many people still do not find English as a first language, nor do they find it relevant to them.

Whatever the reason, having access and experience to the internet is a great asset to have in the modern world, and Microsoft and other tech companies helping in this is no small thing.

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