Microsoft Healthcare Bot service is becoming a native Azure service

January 7, 2021
Microsoft Azure Healthbot Service

Microsoft Azure Healthbot Service

Microsoft Healthcare Bot is a managed service purpose-built for development of virtual healthcare assistants. Over the last year, Microsoft Healthcare Bot has been used to build thousands of bots and deliver nearly 1 billion messages to over 80 million people worldwide. Microsoft today announced that it is moving Microsoft Healthcare Bot service to Azure. As a result, Microsoft Healthcare Bot is now Azure Health Bot. Since the service is now based on Azure, customers can make use of enhanced tooling, security, and compliance offerings.

As a native Azure service, Azure Health Bot benefits from Azure’s security investments as well as the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service provider. Now customers can use standard Azure management tools that they are familiar with and rely on the 99.9 percent SLA commitment. While currently available in two regions (East US and West Europe), it will expand availability to eight regions over the coming months.

If you are already using Microsoft Healthcare Bot, you can migrate to Azure Health Bot in a few minutes with no downtime.

Azure Health Bot features:

  • Create virtual health assistants with built-in healthcare capabilities such as medical database and triage protocols
  • Customize to your requirement with healthcare specific configuration options and extensibility tools
  • Leverage privacy and security mechanisms to align with industry compliance requirements
  • Authenticate and integrate with EMR data using FHIR data connections to personalize patient flows

Source: Microsoft

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