Microsoft has quietly increased the price of Windows 10 Home

Very few us buy Windows 10 full-price, off the shelf, since the OS usually comes pre-installed on our PCs. We either get the upgrade version or if we build a new PC the system builder version.

If you are one of the rare buyers of the OS (e.g. you want to install it in Bootcamp on your Mac) then you will find the Windows tax has just seen an increase.

Windows 10 Home will now set you back $139, a $19.01 increase over the earlier $119.99 price. It is not 100% clear when the price increase went into effect, but near as we can tell it was some time in early September.

This means lots of retailers are still selling the OS at the older price, and if you don’t mind waiting it may be better to get the version on USB from Amazon than the more expensive download-only version from the Microsoft Store.

Given the recent quality issues with Windows 10 recently do our readers think the price increase is justified? Let us know below.

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