Microsoft releases a major update for GroupMe targeting school students

August 10, 2023
Microsoft GroupMe Campus feature

Just in time for back-to-school season, Microsoft today announced a major update for GroupMe with new features targeting students.

GroupMe Campus is a new feature that will allow students to join groups, find friends, and save money with their college community. Users can join GroupMe Campus using their .edu email. GroupMe Campus comes with a new student directory. Users can share more about themselves with the new customizable profile which includes a bio, class year, and your major. So, students can reach out to appropriate fellow students when required.

Students can even add their own groups to their Campus by creating a school group from the Campus tab or changing the visibility of an existing group.

Early this year, GroupMe added support for voice and video calls. GroupMe now allows users to make free group voice and video calls with up to 100 people simultaneously. Also, GroupMe recently added a new feature called Topics. GroupMe lets you create topics in your groups to better keep track of multiple conversations. With Topics, you can add individual chat spaces to a group to keep things organized.

You can download the latest GroupMe app here from the Apple App Store.

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