Microsoft joins Google and the web community for a cross-browser effort called #Compat2021

March 22, 2021
Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft today announced that it is joining Google and the broader web community for #Compat2021, a cross-browser effort with an aim to fix frustrating compatibility issues across browsers in a number of key areas. The joint working group of this project has identified the focus areas above based on feature usage data, number of bugs in each vendor’s tracking system, various survey feedback, CanIUse data, and test results from web-platform-tests.

We then split focus among the working group to focus on areas in respective implementations. For example, the Microsoft Edge team intends to contribute fixes to Chromium to pass 100% of CSS Grid tests this year and to support work to improve interop across browsers, as well as assisting with triage in web-platform-tests.

You can learn more about this project from the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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