Microsoft is getting ready to add Tab Search to Edge

by Surur
August 17, 2021

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While Microsoft has been working on Vertical tabs for their Edge browser, they have been slow to implement other tab-related features available in Chromium.

One of those is tab search, with work on the feature virtually halting for some months.

Today there are some new developments with the feature, with the latest Edge Canary adding a Search Tab entry to the right-click menu for tabs.

This activates a tab search menu similar to Chrome’s version.

Notably, there is no sign of a tab search button such as on Chrome, and this may end up being a feature only available via the right-click menu or shortcut key.

Microsoft has however customised the Tab Search pop-up somewhat.

The font has changed, and recently closed tabs are now collapsible.

The feature currently requires a command-line switch to activate. It can be viewed by adding the –enable-features=msTabSearch command to the shortcut for Edge Canary browser.

via Leo Varela

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