Microsoft To-Do gets better error messaging to help you know what went wrong

September 8, 2017

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Microsoft’s To-Do –the Wunderlist replacement for Windows, iOS and Android has just been updated for WIndows 10 users. This isn’t a massive update, it’s more focused on refining and improving features that already exist. The “Suggestions” view and overall “Suggestions” home experience is now improved to make it easier to add new tasks, it’ll also now wish you good morning or good evening, in case you needed the pick me up. The error messaging is improved, so if things break, you’ll have more of an idea of what went wrong if you’re into troubleshooting.

There’s a lot more here, and you can find the full changelog below

  • Improved: We’ve improved our Suggestions experience. It loads faster and now it wishes you a good morning or a good evening… it’s the little things.
  • Improved: We’ve simplified the Suggestions view to make it easier for you to add to-dos to My Day without accidentally ticking them off.
  • Improved: We’ve given our icons a little bit of an overhaul and made them a little bolder.
  • Improved: We’ve improved our error messages so that you have a few more details about what exactly went wrong.
  • Fixed: If you changed a due date on a recurring to-do we had a pesky little bug that meant the to-do stopped recurring. We put a stop to that.
  • Fixed: If you use ? in your everyday typing you may have noticed that our shortcuts were messing with your keyboard settings. We’ve disabled Alt Gr as a shortcut button now.
  • Fixed: We’ve fixed keyboard accessibility for the emoji picker

Microsoft’s To-Do is available from the store link below.

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