Microsoft Garage’s Sprightly App Allows You To Create Professional Grade Content On Your Mobile Device



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Microsoft Garage’s latest app Sprightly will allow you to create professional grade content like E-Cards, Price lists, Catalogs and Flyers for your business and personal work. Once created, you can share your content on WhatsApp and Facebook. With “Collections”, reusing images and content has never been easier. All the images and text you use on Sprightly are stored in your collections. You can now quickly create new flyers, catalogs & more using collections in just a few taps.

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“Understanding this target demographic was the biggest challenge. We had to unlearn a lot to empathize with these customers. Defining content creation in this space meant several experiments, user studies and prototypes. We had many false starts till Sprightly solved a real problem for customers,” says Mahesh Sridharan, a Program Manager on the team.

“Our users want to be professional, and reach out to a large number of people. And their only device is a smartphone. Take one target segment for instance – the owners of Micro and Small Businesses. Today they use their phone to take pictures, and share these on WhatsApp with their customers. They often pay small design studios to get professional looking content. Showcasing their products better often translates into a sale. Sprightly allows them to create such content using their phone.”

For now, Sprightly is available only on Android. Download it here from Play Store. Microsoft Garage today released one more app called Kaizala, read about it here.

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