Microsoft Garage’s Project Córdoba powers Excel to visualize data from physical computing devices in real time


Microsoft Garage’s Project Córdoba allows Microsoft Excel to stream and visualize data from physical computing devices in real time. During Microsoft’s global hackathon, The Education Workshop partnered with two local middle school STEM teachers, two high school students, and three Microsoft Excel engineers to develop a prototype to share with classrooms worldwide.

Our “hacked’ version of Excel began as demo in support of Microsoft’s commitment to Computer Science for All. Our goal was to craft an inquiry and project-based activity that embeds computational and design thinking into existing middle school curriculum. By designing scientific measuring instruments made from everyday objects and connecting them to Excel to visualize the data, we illustrated how to democratize STEM education by making Excel approachable, affordable and fun.

When combined with a collection of worksheets customized for middle school students, Excel brings to life the data behind scientific principles. If you are interested in trying it out, sign-up for preview here.