Microsoft’s in-house Microsoft Garage program has released a new video game.

Titled Ear Hockey, this free release recreates the classic game of air hockey but with a twist. Instead of relying on the game’s visuals to play, Ear Hockey demands players to use their hearing instead.

Using Microsoft’s HRTF spatial audio engine for Unity, Ear Hockey’s audio exists in a 3D space. The team behind the game has created a fine-tuned combination of low-frequency humming, high frequency ticking and other contextual sound effects to make sure that those who are playing without visuals can easily locate the ball.

If you do want to play with visuals, they are available. Instead of the traditional flat view used for most Pong-style games, Ear Hockey uses a first-person perspective.

Microsoft Garage’s Ear Hockey is available to download for free here. It’s compatible with keyboard, controller and Xbox Adaptive Controller setups.