Microsoft Gains To Reach 75% In American Customer Satisfaction Index


20, 2014

ACSI Customer Satisfaction Reports

The annual Information Sector report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) was released today. In general, customers are more satisfied with the with telecommunication services and technologies than they were a year ago. But, the customer satisfaction with computer software for desktops and laptops continues to fall. Microsoft and the aggregate of smaller software makers both backslide 1% to 74 and 76, respectively.

Customer satisfaction with computer software manufactured for desktops and laptops stabilizes at an ACSI score of 76. The aggregate of small software makers including Intuit (TurboTax), Adobe (Acrobat), and multiple antivirus programs takes a slight 1% gain to 77. Likewise. Microsoft, the largest individual software manufacturer, experiences an incremental gain to 75. These upticks, however, are not enough to Impact the industry as a whole. Shrinking shipments of desktop and laptop PCs continue to pose a challenge for traditional software makers as a plethora of relatively inexpensive apps designed for the maturing tablet and mobile platforms have increased in popularity both for business and entertainment.

Although Microsoft still dominates all desktop and laptop software through Its Windows and Office products, the company perennially underperforms in its ability to satisfy users. Most recently, the company received a mixed reaction to its substantially redesigned Windows 8 operating system and Its decision to cut the cord on support for users of the old, but still popular, Windows XP platform. Part of the problem may be Microsoft’s dominance. With 90% of all desktop and laptop PCs running some version 01 a Microsoft operating system, It remains challenging to appeal equally across such a broad base of users.

Source: ACSI

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