Microsoft announces new front row room layout and several new features for Teams Rooms

June 17, 2021
Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row Room layout

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Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row Room layout

Microsoft today announced several new features and improvements coming to Teams Rooms experience. A new content layout called front row is the highlight among the new announcements. The new front row layout moves the video gallery to the bottom of the screen so in-room participants can see remote colleagues face to face across a horizontal plane. And the meeting content is surrounded by agenda, tasks, and notes, which can be updated in real-time. Also, the meeting chat is displayed as well. This layout will be supported across both single and dual display configurations.

Other new features coming to Teams Rooms:

  • With new video layouts for Teams Rooms, Microsoft will maximize screen real estate by splitting the video gallery across all available displays when content isn’t being shared.
  • With the ability to pin or spotlight multiple video streams, you can maintain a clear view of the selected videos when in a room.
  • Remote participants can promote their presence in the room by engaging in the meeting, which doesn’t always require speaking up.
  • Live reactions, now visible in a Teams Room, allows you to share sentiments.
  • When using the classic video grid layout, chat bubbles alert in-room participants to the conversation happening alongside the meeting.
  • New Teams Rooms on Surface Hub experience is coming soon.
    • With a new meeting stage, a robust set of meeting controls, and popular features including Together Mode scenes, background noise suppression, chat bubbles, and live reactions, Teams Rooms on Surface Hub enriches collaboration for the hybrid workplace. You can easily access your Microsoft 365 files and confidently present using features like PowerPoint Live in Teams, letting you see slides, notes, and your audience all in one view.

Source: Microsoft

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