Microsoft follows Chrome’s lead with Update notifications, adds better support for Surface Pen

A couple of days ago, Microsoft released v82.0.425.3 build for the Edge Dev channel.  This brought the Chromium rendering engine to version 82 and introduced many fixes and minor improvements.

Microsoft and Google have been following in lock stop recently; for example with the Global Media Control, and just like Chrome, Microsoft has now added its own “Update available” notification to the Edge ellipsis menu.   Prior to this, users had to locate “About Microsoft Edge” in the Settings page to check for available updates or downloads.

Besides following Google, Microsoft is also reportedly working to bring better support for its own hardware to the Chromium project.

A commit on Chromium Gerrit suggests that Microsoft is working on improvements for the Surface Pen (Digital Pen) experience on its Chromium Edge browser.

In the Gerrit, it reveals that Pen click in an editable field with a digital pen will bring up the virtual keyboard:

Pen click in editable field with digital pen invokes keyboard Currently, clicking in an editable field with a pen does not invoke the virtual keyboard as is expected per Microsoft standards described here This change adds pen clicks as a triggerable event for the virtual keyboard on Windows.

It seems freeing Microsoft’s engineers from doing the low-level work previously required is going to mean the Edge browser could very well be the best no-compromise browser for Windows users, delivering the best of both Google and Microsoft’s technology for Windows users.

Sources: techdows ; thewincentral

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