Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available in Game Pass


18, 2020

Get your hard drives empty and your ethernet connection ready: the gigantic Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available to purchase or play through Xbox Game Pass. 

Only available in the PC version of Xbox Game Pass at the moment, Microsoft Flight Simulator is playable with a variety of control schemes: keyboard and mouse, controller, HOTAS and a combination of the lot.

Taking you around the entire globe with high quality textures, models and environments isn’t going to be kind to your harddrive. You’ll need to have between 150-200GB free on your hard drive to download the title.

If you want to pick up the game, check it out here.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to evolve over time. Despite its high-quality nature right now, this won’t be the end of the game. Virtual Reality gameplay will be coming in the future as well as an Xbox console version.

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