Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox

June 14, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Asobo Studio’s Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally been revealed for Xbox Series X and S consoles, launching on July 27th 2021.

Available on Xbox Game Pass as soon as it releases, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a staggeringly beautiful simulator that we couldn’t get enough of when we first played and reviewed it on PC. 

This console launch should make the title more accessible than ever without too many compromises, as the trailer touts that the incredible footage is “captured in real-time 4K on Xbox Series X.” There’s no word on Xbox Series S performance, but hopefully it’ll still be a treat to play.

It’s unclear from the trailer how well all the intricacies of flying a plane will translate onto the buttons of a controller, but we hope that Asobo has done its due diligence to create the best experience possible on consoles. 

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To go along with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s release onto consoles, there will also be a free expansion coming in Fall 2021, which will introduce fighter jets in a crossover with Paramount Pictures’ Top Gun Maverick.

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