3rd party F-15 Eagle add-on coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

by Surur
January 8, 2021
f15 flight simulator Xbox One

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If you have been dreaming of screaming through the virtual skies at March 2.5, that may soon become reality as DC Designs brings their detailed F-15 Eagle model to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Their F-15 add-on offers all 4 F-15 variants including the F-15C (air superiority), D (combat-capable trailer), E (Strike Eagle), and I (a variant used by the Israel Defense Forces)

Their model is a faithful reproduction of the tactical combat planes, but are not training certified of course, and are not close to dedicated combat sims. What it does offer however is a unique way to explore the world in great detail not available in less sophisticated simulations.

See YouTuber Obsidian Ant’s first look below:

YouTube player

The add-on is expected to be released on the 18th of January. Read more at DC Designs here.

via Polygon

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