Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program starts in August


29, 2019

Microsoft’s gorgeous new entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise will allow gamers to play very soon through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program.

Just like the Halo Insider Program and the Xbox Insider Program, this tight-knit group of players will be able to help the developers through crucial feedback. Over the course of development, fans will be able to help improve the title after experiencing early builds, preview videos and more.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program will start sometime this August. While a solid date hasn’t been confirmed, fans who have signed up for the program can expect to delve in next month.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - E3 2019 - Announce Trailer

Announced during E3 2019, this new version of the iconic Microsoft franchise is aiming for a PC and Xbox One release in 2020. Utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure, the fight simulator game looks to be one of the most graphically impressive titles ever. With the ability to “go anywhere in the world”, this is a true immersive experience.

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