Microsoft fixes ‘Your PC will automatically restart in one minute’ Windows 10 error

by Surur
January 10, 2021
restart error

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Some Windows 10 users have complained of a bizarre error after upgrading to Windows 10 20H2.

Windows 10 would, unprompted, give them 60 seconds to save their work before a mandatory shutdown and restart.

When the prompt was delivered there was no way to cancel the restart, meaning the error had the potential of causing data loss if users were not fast enough.

The issue was reportedly due to a filing conflict in the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) which occurred if you had ever changed your local user name, particularly if it is the name of the main admin account.

Microsoft is pushing out the fix automatically, so if you experiencing the error Checking for Updates in Settings should download the fix.

via ETekNix, WindowsLatest

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