Microsoft Family Safety is a new app for physical and digital safety

March 30, 2020

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Microsoft today announced a brand new service for consumers called Family Safety. The Microsoft Family Safety will allow you to know the people closest to you are safe when out in the real world with location awareness and drive safety.

Key features of Family Safety:

Two different mobile devices displaying the Microsoft Family Safety app

Real world safety:

  • Saved places: Save places you visit the most, like home, work, or school.
  • Location sharing: Stay connected to your loved ones and see where they are.
  • Location alerts: Receive notifications when someone leaves and arrives at their location.
  • Drive safety: See stats on phone usage, top speed, and hard breaking. Drive safety features are available only in the US, UK, AUS, and CA.
  • Detailed map views: Get a detailed map view of what happened along your route.
  • Drive reports: Reinforce staying safe on the road by reviewing driving history.

Online safety:

  • Content filters: Filter inappropriate apps, games, and websites and set age limits to require approval for downloads. By turning on web and search filters, adult content isn’t allowed and SafeSearch is enabled. This only works on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices, so other commonly used browsers aren’t allowed either.
  • Screen time limits: Set it and forget it with screen time limits on apps and games for Windows, Xbox, and Android. Screen time limits work on Windows, Xbox, and Android apps and games. They can be managed using the Microsoft Family Safety app on Android and iOS.
  • Activity reporting: Use the family settings across all their devices to stay aware of activity.

Microsoft Family Safety will be released in preview, available to a limited number of users for download on iOS and Android. Microsoft Family Safety is not a stand alone paid service from Microsoft. Instead, it will be included as part of Microsoft 365.

You can learn more about Microsoft Family Safety here.

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