Microsoft extends partnership with Terraform to support more Azure services

HashiCorp Terraform allows developers to define and deploy cloud infrastructure by using a custom templating language called HashiCorp configuration language (HCL). This language is easy to write and easy to understand. Last year, Microsoft announced full support for Azure Resource Manager in HashiCorp’s Terraform tools. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they are extending their partnership with HashiCorp.

Several Azure services including Azure Container Instances, Azure Container Service, Managed Disks, Virtual Machine Scale Sets and others will be directly supported by Terraform. This extended partnership will allow IT Admins to express infrastructure-as-code and to enable more Azure services to be easily deployed directly through Terraform.

“I am really excited about our partnership with HashiCorp. They are well-positioned to support the complexity and diversity of this space. They also have a rich portfolio of products that can help our customers adopt DevOps principles to automate management of their infrastructure on Azure and across multiple environments,” wrote Corey Sanders Director of Compute, Azure.

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