Microsoft explains how Edge works better than Internet Explorer with websites

June 18, 2015


Windows 10 introduces a new browser, Microsoft Edge – which is currently known as Project Spartan. The browser comes with a handful of new features, and backend improvements. The browser also packs a new rendering engine known as Edge which is able to play better with websites compared to Internet Explorer. As expected, the new rendering Engine works much better than Internet Explorer’s engine. In a new blog post, Microsoft explained how Edge works better than Internet Explorer with websites – the company stated:

Over the past year the Microsoft Edge team has been hard at work on a new browser engine that will be better than ever at correctly, quickly, and reliably rendering the Web. As a user, your favorite web sites will just work, and as a web developer, you will find that Microsoft Edge should just work like other browsers, making it easier than ever to create a site that works everywhere.

The company also recommends web developers to avoid hte use of UA sniffing as the modern web platform features are very easily detectable. The company states:

“We recommend that web developers avoid UA sniffing as much as possible; modern web platform features are nearly all detectable in easy ways. Over the past year, we’ve seen some UA-sniffing sites that have been updated to detect Microsoft Edge… only to provide it with a legacy IE11 code path. This is not the best approach, as Microsoft Edge matches ‘WebKit’ behaviors, not IE11 behaviors (any Edge-WebKit differences are bugs that we’re interested in fixing). In our experience Microsoft Edge runs best on the ‘WebKit’ code paths in these sites. “

Obviously, the browser will improve over the upcoming months. Until then, tell us what you think of the new rendering engine in the comment section below!

Source: Microsoft, Via: WC

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