Microsoft Expands Mobile Ad Solutions With Two New Rich Media Ad Partnerships

Microsoft announced EyeWonder and Phluant as their partners to expand its mobile rich media advertising solutions in the U.S. Microsoft is serious about its advertising business is the recent days backed by Bing and MSN media properties. Recently Microsoft was awarded for two new innovative ad formats called “Filmstrip” format and “Sidekick” format. Check out the video of Filmstrip format after the break. Here is the screenshot of a Rich mobile ad format,

From Microsoft Advertising Blog,

These partnerships complement Microsoft Advertising’s current rich media offering provided by PointRoll, and will enable us to deliver more interactive and innovative ad experiences across Microsoft’s premium mobile browse properties, such as MSN, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and FOX Sports.By supporting new rich media formats from our partners, Microsoft Advertising will be able to deliver greater value to our advertisers in the following ways:

–Increased Reach: The supported rich media formats will be available across more mobile devices including the most popular smartphones, such as Window Phone 7, iOs, Android and Blackberry.

–Expanded Ad Capabilities: Provide advertisers with greater choice in terms of engaging consumers in a more creative way with innovative mobile ad formats like floating ads, expandable to video, in-banner polling, mobile data collection, mobile couponing, and social media extensions.

Larger Geographic Footprint: While today’s announcement is focused on solidifying our U.S. offering, we plan to expand our mobile rich media solutions to selected countries in Europe, Canada and Australia in the coming months.

Targeting Capabilities: With these new mobile rich media ad formats, advertisers will be able to leverage critical ad targeting capabilities such as device, carrier, demo, geo and behavioral targeting and much more.