Microsoft expands Fluent Design System to iOS, Android and the web


6, 2019

Microsoft is kicking off its annual developer conference later today and the company is scheduled to announce some big changes and feature updates for the developers.

Ahead of the official conference, a new leak focuses on some of the potential fluent design changes. Microsoft has published a new webpage describing a new UI Fabric element. The page shows implementations for Web, Android, and iOS indicating that Microsoft is finally expanding its Fluent Design guidelines to different platforms. While Fluent Design was already available in a way for iOS and Android but this will make it easier for developers to implement it to the mobile platforms. Apart from that, Microsoft has also published a new website for Microsoft Design showing the different fluent design elements. The website also has hyperlinks to different platforms for the developers as well as links to different articles explaining the philosophy behind the Fluent Design.

We do expect several announcements related to Fluent Design at Build 2019. The conference will kick off later today with the keynote from Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

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